Happy Monday 🙂 . BodyAttack 100 has hit our gyms and overhearing instructors and participants it has gone off. Many people saying it’s the best yet. Can BodyAttack 101 keep up with the momentum?

If you’ve missed it here are the track listings we know so far:

What is Les Mills BodyAttack 101 all about?

We are fitter together! As we step forward into the next 100 releases, remember that BODYATTACK is for all levels and all ages. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, this program will provide functional strength gains and amazing cardio fitness. Highlights of this release include the Mambo Step in Track 2 where we improve agility and coordination. Track 4 has a wicked drop set Jump Squat and Lunge Combination where each round decreases in reps and we train power, muscular endurance and aerobic stamina. The focus in Track 5 is to maintain a super strong core brace through the entire track to build a stronger and more powerful body. Track 8 is a fun, uplifting song where you get to “enjoy the party” with your members!

Les Mills BodyAttack 101 music track listing

Track 1 – Unite (Radio Edit) – Woodman Prophecy

Track 2 – Havana (HappyTech Remix) – Miami Ink

Track 3 – Ready For It – Power Music

Track 4 – Rocksteady (Original Mix) – Zeskullz feat. The Dual Personality

Track 5 – Push (SCNDL Remix) – Kronic, Far East Movement & Savage

Track 6 – Till The Day Comes (Original Mix) – Electronic Vibes

Track 7 – Think – In The Name Of Hype

Track 8 – Show Me (W&B HandsUp Remix Edit) – Andy Schirmer & Rick Cue

Track 9 – The Universe – Hardwell

Track 10 – Hold Me Tight Or Don’t – Fall Out Boy

Track 11 – Start Over – Monroe & Moralezz

Have thoughts on BodyAttack 100?

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