A Les Mills Spotify Playlist is only 1 of many new ideas I will be implementing over the next couple of months. I said previously I will be doing more fitness related things and that’s still the plan.  It’s been a good couple of months as some fitness brands have reached out and offered products to review or to use in competitions :).

The Playlist

I am hoping to post up a new track list every week/2nd week to the Playlist. This will cover ALL programs from initial launch to current.

But why?

Maybe you want to hear all the different kinds of music throughout the Les Mills eco system while on the train,working out in the gym, sat at work, or walking dog? Well now’s your chance. From BodyCombat 1 to the latest BodyPump, BodyStep 1 to the latest CxWorx.  It will cover all and everything :).

Ok, Sign me up

If you’ve already subscribed then you won’t miss anything as I’ll be doing a post that covers what’s in the playlist when the list is updated. Information like what program, release number, and type of track.

If you’ve not subscribed and this is something you’re interested in you have a couple of options:

  1. Subscribe to my blog.
  2. Follow the Spotify playlist.
  3. Subscribe and follow my Spotify playlist

You rock Simon how can I help?

Please like, share this post or even the playlist.  If you have suggestions about songs going in one week then please don’t hesitate to grab me on twitter or use my contact form.

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