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Welcome along to the first post under the tag of “Fitness Friday”.  This won’t be a weekly post but will look at Fitness related topics, videos, blog posts that have surfaced through the realms of social media, discovery or even being directed towards. Today I am looking at fight klub workout.  I saw a video which is at the bottom of this post and thought this looks like fun.  I headed over to  to see if there was anything local to me to try:



As you can see not much about in Scotland at all, infact these were the only ones:

  • Perth
  • Brechin

Is this a fitness class that will pick up more across Scotland and other areas?  I would love to try one of these classes. I am quite surprised that there isn’t any in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

What is fight klub?


Typical Class

This looks like a fun class that has a wide range of people based on age and abilities.  I like how the instructor makes the music his own. Personality, confidence and having  fun will always make a great class.



Are you an instructor?

Looking for some answers as information isn’t readily available so can you answer?

  • What is the format of the class?
  • How often does the choreography renew?
  • What are ongoing costs?
  • Do you need to do “touch points” to keep your certification?
  • Is the license model based on the instructor or venue?

Have you done a class or are you addicted?

  • What would you say you enjoy about the class?
  • How would you compare this to BodyCombat or fight fx?
  • If you were to describe the workout in 4 words?

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