2012 means change

I posted a couple of highlights from 2011 the other day and it wasn’t until after it went live and I re-read it that it struck me just what i have achieved throughout the last year.  I have great people/friends in my life who have believed in me, stuck by me, pushed me, and i thank them. I have set myself a couple of goals this year which i think are achievable.


I’d like to lose between 8 – 12kg.

Take more life pictures.

Snowboard more.

Learn how to surf.

Take up Tae kwon do.

Pursue a senior developer type role to take on bigger challenge and expand skillset.

Find my way to Australia/New Zealand.

Write more blog posts.

Create small business opps helping fitness instructors get online presence.


Contribute more to Open Source projects.

Possibly move my site from Subtext to WordPress.

Work more with ASP.Net MVC, HTML5, CSS3, and SQL Server.

Do more unit testing within asp.net and JavaScript.

Release a couple of jQuery Plugins.

Release the rest of the subtext themes that are still to be written up and tested (10 of them).

Write a couple of WordPress themes.

Write a couple of WordPress widgets/plugins.

Launch 3 fitness related websites/applications.

Look into developing for iOS/Android platform.


Do more ViPR work and post videos to my ViPR blog.

Prepare to do my Aim 2 in Body Combat.

Qualify in another 2 Les Mill Programmes. Which ones I have no idea?

Attend a couple of  Les Mills Super Quarterlies.


I am going to checkin around June to see how I am doing with the above list.

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