So happy to be saying this, it’s that time when the latest Les Mills releases drop for us instructors which means, learning begins 🙂   Gyms are re-opening/re-opened and I can’t wait to be teaching again.

These releases/masterclasses are nothing like before. A MASSIVE well done to the guys  behind it, taking part and putting it all together. If you’re an On Demand participant it will  hopefully be released in the near future, hold tight :).  Am sure you’re already subscriber to Les Mills official YouTube Channel but if not go over and check out all the amazing United content.

Is great to see lots of lovely locations that show just how far and wide the Les Mills love goes.  If you’d like to share your workout area/location, feel free to comment i’d love to see it. Anyone in the releases, the YouTube videos, thank you. Les Mills, thank you.

P.S While you’re here, does anyone know if Marlon Woods is on twitter 😛 ?

*header image taken from above video, if anyone would prefer I didn’t use this please contact me and I’ll change it.

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  • Karen Hill
    Posted September 17, 2020 10:10 pm 0Likes

    thanks for doing this!

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