Some really cool GoPro-Filmed Videos

GoPro cameras around the world have managed to capture some amazing videos, some planned, some unexpected. GoPro HD HERO Camera: Epic Mt. Baker Backcountry 2011 This looks amazing.  Time to get the boards serviced and to keep...

Last Sunrise over Edinburgh of 2014

July already where has the time gone?  My photo catalog has expanded massively and while this is a good thing processing them and the time associated to the task just hasn't been possible.  Not...

Merry Christmas 2014

What a year this has been, it has absolutely flown by. From us both have a fantastic Christmas, hope Santa is nice to you.
SECC Hydro Glasgow

Still Game Live at the SECC Hydro

It's been a long time coming at the weekend we went and saw Still Game Live and it was worth the wait. 10,000 strong in the hydro, the place is huge to give you...

Using your phones camera for photography

This post comes from a book I saw on Amazon called #iPhoneonly.  The books author is a gentleman called Julian Calverley and is a successful fine art landscape photographer.   Check out the book...

See the world from the eye of a drone

Technology exists now where we can see the world in a whole new light with drone videography.  It's possible to see maybe a ruin from a hundred foot off the ground or from 6...

Out and about – Dalgety Bay got curves

Discovered this viewpoint while out on a cycle along the Fife coastal path. Looking from North Queensferry back to Dalgety Bay.

The Forgotten Morning

It's amazing what you can uncover when you start going through old back up files. These were taken back in January'14 one morning while I was on my way back from an early appointment....

Watch Google Earth timelapses

Imagine you could see timelapse images of  areas changing from 1984 to the present?Well it's now possible thanks to Google. Taken from : Today, we're making it possible for you to go back in time and...

London 2012 visits – Street art included

Thought I would share some pictures that I took on my iPhone 4 while I have been down in London visiting one of our offices. Some really cool street art :) .