Just started thinking about this while creating this post that I have done BodyStep twice in my entire life. I do remember it being fun but at the same time very coordinated. Maybe I should make it a third time as it has one of my fav tracks in this release (Track 2)… What a tune.

What is BodyStep 116 all about?

We get our engines started and warm up to Push Push, where the feature Push arm-lines match the song title perfectly. Then we seamlessly transition to Track 2, and continue to warm our stepping muscles to Body. Onward to Peak 1, our first cardio peak, where the magic number is ‘six’ and the song is Sweet But Psycho.

BodyStep 116 music track listing

Track 1 – Push Push – Kat Deluna feat. Akon

Track 2 – Body – Loud Luxury feat. brando

Track 3 – Sweet But Psycho – Go Brave

Track 4 – Baddest Behavior – Wave Of Sound

Track 5 – Shut Up And Drive – Lakewood Sides

Track 6 – Bad Boy – Tungevaag & Raaban feat. Luana Kiara

Track 7 – Fierce – Crossroad Lane

Track 8 – We Never Stop – River Rove

Track 9 – Womanizer – Love Interest

Track 10 – Good Day – Yellow Claw feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant

Track 11 – Friends – Kind Vows


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