At the beginning of February the UK was hit by Storm Henry.

On the 2nd of February we woke up to a spectacular view. I have called them rainbow clouds as this is probably the easiest way to describe them. As the day progressed social media exploded with photographs of “Nacreousclouds”.

What are “Nacreousclouds”

Taken from :

Height of base: 68,500 – 100,000 ft

Nacreous clouds form in the lower stratosphere over polar regions when the sun is just below the horizon. The clouds are illuminated from below and often glow in vivid colours and will often remain visible for a couple of hours after sunset and through the night as they are lit by moonlight.

Nacreous clouds form below -78 °C temperatures and so are most likely to occur during the polar winter.

Or if you prefer a nice graphic :).


These clouds are very rarely seen in the UK, usually places like Iceland during the winder, but with the circumstances of the weather it happened and we were not disappointed.

The gallery

Lesson learned from these images is to check the camera before taking a photograph. Unfortunately the high ISO adds some noise to the photographs :S.  I took these as the sun was rising and is a morning I’ll never forget…  If you prefer to look at these in flickr :

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Did you manage to capture such photographs and want to share?  Please comment below :). Also if you have time please share if you like what you see, thank you in advance…


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