Video series about getting started with Adobe Lightroom

On my journey into the world of photography I found a fantastic series about Lightroom 5 on YouTube by a professional photographer in the states called Anthony Morganti.  The series has been going on for sometime and currently at 37 parts.  I know it’s obvious to start at the first one but if you’re going to be using Lightroom jump to Part 12 – Learn Lightroom 5 part 12 : Loading images into lightroom then go back to the 1st video, why?  Watch the video and you’ll realise it will stop you from a world of pain in the future.

Can’t see youtube image, then click here to view playlist

I am currently up to Part 16 in which Tony creates a dramatic black and white image. The videos are easy to follow and very informative. If you’re serious about using Adobe Lightroom then check it out and subscribe to his channel :).

Also thinking about buying Anthony’s Lightroom presets (over 70) on Maybe next payday :).

Anthony if you see this, thank you for your videos and dedication to the subject I am learning alot.

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