It’s been a while since our instructor portal moved to the salesforce platform.  This enabled features such as digital downloads, booking training and booking quarterly workshops.  While our data being moved to the salesforce servers in the US is still a grey matter in some worlds the experience of being an instructor has improved.   These are my personal thoughts on the user workflow and user interface that I think will make our lives alot easier.

The BIG gotcha – Access

Your release materials can only be downloaded for 180 days from the purchase date so please ensure that you keep a backup copy as you will not have access to the materials after this period expires.

Facing facts cloud storage is very cheap these days and Les Mills international makes millions…We buy digital releases from Amazon and have access 24/7 forever why can’t this be the case if we have selected to subscribe via “autoship”?  You want to offer a service, don’t go half way……

Easy backup

No “lifetime” access to our releases and we have limited “download” slots. If we download an item under a release more than 2 or 3 times it locks us out. For this to be re-enabled we need to contact our local office :(.  What would be a great help to instructors who use back up services such as dropbox would be to allow us to save directly. Examples:

Send to Dropbox


Send to Google Drive


Send to OneDrive


Implementing any of the above would be simple but great feature.

Filter on the quarterly workshops we need

Trying to get on a workshop is hard enough but it’s even harder to get on one that has all the programs you teach.  We (Scotland) have seen a decrease in workshops  for a mixture of programs CxWorx and BodyStep being top of that list. I think there was maybe one last quarter for ALL of Scotland???

What would be a nice addition would be a filter showing you the venues that have the programs you teach and availability at the top of your “event” listing. This way we don’t need to work our way through each one trying to figure out if we can do all our programs on the same day: (Excuse the 5 minute throw together):


Quick Access to choreography notes

I can understand why each release is zipped up, but how many times have you thought about doing a track and then had a mind blank when you played the music?  Having access to the choreography in pdf format for each purchased release would be a great feature.  Login, browse to release click the appropriate pdf button (please excuse the 5 min throw together):


Blah feedback more obvious

For a while the blah links stopped working and it’s good to see it’s back.  Is the data actually used?

Looking below it would be very easy to overlook such an important think.  This needs a better place in the instructor portal where it’s obvious and not hidden away to be forgotten about.


If you have thoughts on a release and you think you can give constructive feedback then you should be filling it in.

Your thoughts?

If you have anything to add about the instructor portal and you’d like to share then please feel free to comment, tweet me or get in touch :). While you’re here why not subscribe?

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