Welcome back, time for another track listing so here it is, BodyPump 106 music track listing.  How did you find BodyPump 105?  Have you seen an unofficial sizzler that’s ruined for it you, or maybe got you all excited for this release?

In case you’ve missed previous listings, here are the track listings we know so far:

What is Les Mills BodyPump 106 all about?

This is the workout that will prep you towards your fitness goals. Still The One sets the scene beautifully with the old-feel Goosebumps Warmup track. The song of the release is I Am Here – driving and hugely emotive to drive the squats. Little Things Gone Wild never lets up with bench press, Chest flys and pushups to build massive tension – varying the exercises helps us maintain technique for longer. The modern millennial track Say Less speaks volumes and look out for the new innovation of the Single Arm Plate Row for isolation. You and your class participants will have heaps of fun with Triceps and hook into the positive lyrics of Times Are Changing with Biceps. Time to witness the fitness will be in the Lunge track…say no more! Plus Side Squats burn the legs into submission, especially the glutes and the inner and outer thighs. A driving electronic feel with a Drum ‘n’ Bass feel kicks the gears up in Shoulders with barbell and plate work. We round off the workout with a fun cheeky song with a new innovation of the Single-Arm Crunch Fly along with Hover and Plank challenges. Stargazing brings everyone home with a soulful finish.

Les Mills BodyPump 106 music track listing

Track 1 – Still The One – Hardwell & Kill The Buzz feat. Max Collins

Track 2 – I Am Here – P!nk

Track 3 – Little Thing Gone Wild – Wildcat Wonder Wall

Track 4 – Say Less – Dillon Francis feat. G-Eazy

Track 5 – Tell Me You Love Me – Galantis & Throttle

Track 6 – Walk On Water – Thirty Seconds To Mars

Track 7 – Coco’s Miracle (Club Mix) – Fedde Le Grand & Dannic vs Coco Star

Track 8 – Tribes – Chase & Status

Track 9 – Revenge – P!nk feat. Eminem

Track 10 – Stargazing – Kygo feat. Justin Jesso

Thoughts on BodyPump 105?

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  1. Really didn’t think much of the tracklisting when I heard it in the sizzler, and when I did the class for the first few times. But it’s actually grown on me. The warm-up track (Still the One), the tricep track (Tell Me You Love Me), the bicep track (Walk on Water) and the (utterly bonkers) shoulder track (Tribes) are all brilliant.
    I am really not into the squat track (Pink’s I am Here) as it’s too slow and not at all uplifting or inspirational, but that’s the only real weak link, in my view.

  2. I found the squat track to be significantly less difficult than past releases. Is it the slow pace? The lack of bottom half squats? The length of the track? Not sure but I easily go a lot heavier on this release and only feel fatigued at the very end.


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