The music track listing for BodyCombat 64 has been out while now.  BodyCombat 63 is slowly making an exit of which my thoughts can be found :

Here is the sizzler, am not sure it’s official but it’s a quick insight into the next release of Les Mills BodyCombat 64.  What can we tell from the video?

  • Alot of dubstep.
  • Power tracks look and sound awesome.
  • Only Dan and Rach presenting so no confusion over technique or where to look

The tracks

  • t1a -> The shoot :O
  • t1b -> Knees, step front kicks.
  • t2 -> Jump kick.
  • t3 -> Powerful combo from previous release?
  • t4 -> Lots of side kicks,back to the floor we go.
  • t5 -> Repetitive fast combo
  • t6 -> Surprise surprise switch lunges and other goodies
  • t7 -> Push,Push kick and alot of fast knees.
  • t8 -> Powerful combo from previous release?
  • t9 -> Core work with c-crunch pulse….
  • t10 -> We’ll have to wait and see

The Video Sizzler


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