Welcome along to another Fitness Friday post about “FloatFit HIIT”. A video has been circulating Facebook for some time and until recently I had completely forgotten about it.

This is another class that I would love to see in my local gym. Might even go as far as becoming an instructor.

The creators?

This class was created by http://aquaphysical.com/ who are based out of the UK. Facebook show’s they have over 80,000 likes and are very active in sharing what’s going on in the world of Aqua Physical :). Looking at all the videos and photographs this class has gone global and I can see why.

What is FloatFit HIIT?

The FloatFit HIIT class is a 30 minute workout including burpees, lunges, squats, aquaclimbers, v-sits…. all on water! This low impact, cross training class gives you a fun full body workout.

Taken from : http://aquaphysical.com/

What’s happening on social media about it?




Have you done a FloatFit HIIT class?

we need you poster

Please share your experience below. Comment, share a tweet, instagram post or even a facebook post? Would be good to hear more about this program as it starts to take momentum.  Seems it’s already popular here in the UK with many gyms packing out each class that they put on :).

What I really like about this class is it looks fun and heard great things in sense of results. I really want to do this somewhere scenic like a golden cove somewhere warm in the world :). Have you done this on a beach, in a loch, or even on a lake? Would be awesome to see this.

While you’re here

Sharing is caring. Please share/like by using the buttons below. Lets get more FloatFit HIIT classes on the map cause I personally can’t wait to try this class and look at the possibilities of becoming an instructor.

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