Last weekend I attended my first super quarterly in Bristol. The decision was a spontaneous one but being the release of Body Combat 50 it just had to be done.

Bristol is a lovely city. It would however appear that  the sign posts don’t know what way they’re pointing or if it’s the right direction. I got lost going and leaving even with sat nav.

Having arrived a little shy of the opening ceremony I didn’t have alot of time to get changed and meet up with everyone.

1st programme of the day was Body Attack 75. I’m not a fan of the last release, for me it lacked something, something i couldn’t put my finger on. This release, whole lot of difference I loved every single track.

Body Attack 75

I watch Body Pump 80 and while not having much experience with the programme i watched in amazement how good it looked. The presenters made it look easy but it was far from it.

After Body Pump I participated in Body Jam 56. Oh my god, never having done this group exercise programme before, I loved it. The UK presenters, Phil Harrison and Lindsey Walklin were amazing. I’m not saying I have the moves or anything but wow.

CXWorx and BodyVive 21 looked interesting. My back was giving me a little jip so i decided to not do CXWorx and save myself for Body Combat 50.

Body Combat 50, signed, sealed and delivered. What a release. I will write up a more in-depth post in relation to thoughts on this release but oh my it rocked. The hour flew by, shoulders smashed, legs smashed and even a new move…..Body Pump 80

All the new releases are awesome. Workshop of the day for me was Body Jam, so much so i think i might actually do the Body Jam module. This may have something to do with the presenters delivering such a fantastic set, really the magic was felt.

It was a fantastic day seeing everyone and meeting other passionate instructors. Everyone I spoke to had similar thoughts and my expectations were blown away. Thank you FitPro and Les Mills UK for such an excellent day.

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