This week, and the first of this year I thought the throw back could be something a little different.  This has been an idea I wanted to do at the beginning of last year but slipped off the radar.  Better late than never so here are my thoughts on the best of Les Mills BodyCombat 2014.

Most viewed Sizzlers

Looking at numbers on YouTube here are the numbers (biggest number out of list at time of writing):

Les Mills BodyCombat 59 –  205,496

Les Mills BodyCombat 60 – 101,203

Les Mills BodyCombat 61 – 215,105

Les Mills BodyCombat 62 – 68,341

Best of tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup

Les Mills BodyCombat 60 – Hit me with your best shot (BassLouder Remix Edit) – Neon Ninja

You must remember this?  Alot of uppercuts, forward movement with a switch?  Then onto hook weave…No <see below>?

Track 1b – Lower body warmup

Les Mills BodyCombat 60 –  Roar (Bass Rayders Remix Edit) – Hot Cherry

Knees, front kicks, shoots, hip rolls… If not don’t worry from one of my favourite master trainers Judy King:

Track 2 – Combat 1

Les Mills BodyCombat 62Home Alone(Invader! Remix Edit)Vanilla Kill

For me I really like this for the kata’s, the speed, and the combinations….

Track 3 – Power training 1

Les Mills BodyCombat 60 – Fly away – Deer Between

The shoulder and side burner…. Remember those uppercuts, hooks?

Track 4 – Combat 2

Les Mills BodyCombat 60 – Emergency(Clockwork Remix) – Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon, Chiddy Ban

2 knee’s, side kick, followed by switch lunges, leg burner….

Track 5 – Power training 2

Les Mills BodyCombat 59 – Bright Like The Sun – Sy and Unknown Feat.Kirsten Joy

No words for this track.  This always finds a way into the mix.

Track 6 – Combat 3

Les Mills BodyCombat 62 – Y.A.L.A. – M.I.A

Squats, lunges, knees, front kicks, leg burner….

Track 7 – Muay Thai

Les Mills BodyCombat 62 – Let The Beat Go (Single)S3RL feat. Johnny

How can forget this muay thai track?  Relentless, always comes back to bite on mix. Knees, Knees, oh did i mention knees? Downward Street brawl punch added in for fun?

Track 8 – Power training 3

Les Mills BodyCombat 61Like a Rainbow (Sy & Unknow Remix) – Recon & Demand

Corkscrew jab with total shoulder annihilation.

Track 9 – Conditioning

Les Mills BodyCombat 62 – 3 Kingz (Single)Major G.A.U.G.E feat. Hunger & Qwote

Track 10 – Cool down

Les Mills BodyCombat 61 –  Heart of a Warrior – Dizzee Rascal

Do you agree what was your favorite tracks of the year?

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