This year has flown by.  This was an idea I came up with just after the new year so thought I would do the best of 2015 Les Mills Bodycombat.   Last week I wrote up the best of 2014 if you’ve not already seen it please check it out : Best of Les Mills BodyCombat 2014

Most viewed Sizzlers

Looking at numbers on YouTube here are the numbers:

Les Mills BodyCombat 63 – 57,000 views

Les Mills BodyCombat 64 – 125,000 views

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – 115,000 views

Les Mills BodyCombat 66 – 144,000 views

Best of tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup

Les Mills BodyCombat 64 – FreaksTimmy Trumpet feat. Savage

What a great warmup.  The music was a huge factor for me choosing this track.  Straight into shoots with boxing combinations that include all punches we use in a bodycombat release(usually).

Track 1b – Lower body warmup

Les Mills BodyCombat 66 –  Dibby Dibby Sound (feat. Ms. Dynamite) [The Partysquad Remix] – DJ Fresh & Jay Fay feat. Ms. Dynamite

When I first done this at our quarterly workshop I was fairly surprised at how quick this was but it’s a great lower body warmup.  Esquivas, lunges, lunge switches. Certainly a game changed :).

Track 2 – Combat 1

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 –  Ah Yeah so What(Radio Edit)Will Sparks feat. Wiley & Elen Levon

6 rounds of jab,cross,jab and jump kick really do set a high bar straight after the warmup.  The front kick repeater, track 2, front kick repeater, track 2, yeah my word, early burn.

Track 3 – Power training 1

Les Mills BodyCombat 66 – Titanium – The Salty Mix

Where has this power track been all my life?  This just keeps going on, and on, and on.  The look on participants faces when there is one more round of jab, cross, double jab, upper is priceless.  The breakdown between rounds with the hooks and uppercut to the side is a great time to check in… 10/10… BOOM

Track 4 – Combat 2

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – EnemiesShinedown

The back kick, three front knees opens up levels especially when the third knee becomes a front kick.  Embrace the press-up :)

Track 5 – Power training 2

Les Mills BodyCombat 66 – Pieces – Chase & Status feat. Plan B

Hooks, uppercuts, hooks, sprints it’s non-stop to heart rate peak.  If you’re not blowing air from places you didn’t know existed then you’re not working hard enough…

Track 6 – Combat 3

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – The day is my enemy – Nave Gears

It’s all about capoeira, the leg burner.

Track 7 – Muay Thai

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – Party Monster – Groove Moves

This Muay Thai track is short, sharp and sweet. The jab, cross ascend elbow with some knees thrown is a simple combination so it’s easy to commit power and speed into each movement.  The uppercut, hook and knee with option to jump is a nice addition to the choreography.  The synth in the music that builds up during the descending elbows and knees makes you want to work harder.  However, before you know it we have 4 rounds of running man knees.

Track 8 – Power training 3

Les Mills BodyCombat 64 – If You surrender – The Truly

Little bit different breaking up the combinations with the move introduced in BodyCombat 63 the dynamic pull.

Track 9 – Conditioning

Les Mills BodyCombat 63 – Three StrikesAfrojack feat. Jack McManus

Side hover, normal hover. Then the crunch, remind you of a certain CXWorx release? For me it’s another track from CXWorx. Obviously anyone who doesn’t do CXWorx will get a fantastic core workout.

Track 10 – Cool down

Les Mills BodyCombat 65 – Love Me Anyway – Ginny Blackmore

What’s there to say? 🙂

Do you agree what was your favorite tracks of the year?

Yes, dust off the cobwebs think way back…..  Please comment below let me know your thoughts 🙂  Do you have a best of, lets us know by posting below.

While you’re here.

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