Worried about the risk of privacy online?

I came across a site I thought I would share.  We all use sites such as Amazon,Facebook, Ticket Master, BBC and not think about our data. Do they share our data? Do they delete all our information when we close our account?

This is where www.privacyscore.com comes in to play. It analyses the details of a site’s privacy policy and computes a score.  It’s calculation based on the privacy testing process can lead us to more questions?  If you want to read more about how the score is calculated check out Privacy Scores FAQ – http://www.privacyscore.com/faq

Privacy Score Facebook.com


You can see the score is quite good. But an interesting point : “Facebook games and applications have their own privacyscores.”. You should always be vigilant when allowing a Facebook application/game to use your data. If in doubt always say No.

Another interesting section is the privacy issues reported. As you can see there was a recent issue “photo deletion failure” which has a link explaining what the problem is.

Privacy Score of bbc.co.uk


Not as high as Facebook but can see a lot of companies track us on the bbc’s website.  If you’re browsing then this data is anonymous but to comment on articles then a login is required.

Go on check it out www.privacyscore.com

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