Eye-Fi Mobi – From camera to smartphone, tablet or computer

eye-fi-8gb-cardThis is an absolute genius idea and I only discovered them a couple of days ago. No more hunting around for the camera cable or memory card reader.  These memory cards give you the power to wirelessly transfer photos and videos to the device of your choice and to online sites like Picasa and YouTube.

Not only will you be able to upload directly but with Eye-Fi it’s possible to tag photos by location (based on wi-fi positioning) with certain cards.

Like normal memory cards they come in a variety of sizes:

Prices like the normal differ between brands. Reading the various reviews across the different cards there are very mixed feelings.  Some reviews state that after so many months of use it stopped working or it network connectivity was temperamental.  In fairness for what the card does the price is quite reasonable.

I can’t comment about the reviews as I am yet to purchase and use one of these cards.  I can say that I do plan on buying a couple in the near future as really this will take the sting out of transferring and backing up photos.

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