See the world from the eye of a drone

Technology exists now where we can see the world in a whole new light with drone videography.  It's possible to see maybe a ruin from a hundred foot off the ground or from 6...

Watch Google Earth timelapses

Imagine you could see timelapse images of  areas changing from 1984 to the present?Well it's now possible thanks to Google. Taken from : Today, we're making it possible for you to go back in time and...

What happens when I hit send – Gmail

I saw this and thought I had to share it. Google have put together an animation called "the story of send".  Ever wondered what happens when you hit that send button in...

Google Art Project

I’ve just discovered an Art project that’s powered by Google that allows you to explore various art galleries and museums from around the globe. Edinburgh - National Galleries of Scotland Bell Rock Lighthouse 1819 - Joseph...

Heard of Google Street view? What about Seaview?

Google streetview has been around for some time now.  Seems next on Google's hit list is seaview. Check out the breath taking images -

Playing about with Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows preview was released a week or so ago so I thought why not download it and give it a blast on a virtual machine. Personalise your windows experience Windows Settings – Options       Sign in to your...

Find your fav Google doodle

It would seem Google has re-launched it’s doodle website.  We all know Google changes it’s logo on its search page to celebrate/honour events from historical figures, holidays and video games. The doodle go back to...

Add Facebook events to Google Calendar

If you’re like me and use Google as the central location for you contacts, calendar etc then this Chrome extension could help you organise your life that little bit better. You can add Facebook events...

Lee Evans Tour 2011 – RoadRunner

On Friday we made our way to the S.E.C.C to see Lee Evans. Trying to think about how long it has been since his last show, calculated about 3 years.  I’ve seen Lee Evans...

Hotmail up the ante with account security

We all have numerous email accounts.  I have had a Hotmail account for over 10 years now and while some of my friends still use this to contact me on i mainly use it...