Today I thought I would do something a little different from the normal throw back Thursday with a previous track from a Les Mills programme.  We’re all use to the sizzler videos where we see small segments of the track well they use to be a whole lot of different…..  Les Mills BodyCombat 36, now this is going back many years.  How young and different they look.

We’re going back to Les Mills BodyCombat 36

What was happening in BodyCombat 36? Well a new move, the “Rear hammer fist”, I don’t think I have ever done this move since doing BodyCombat, have you? Will it ever show it’s face again?

You can see in the video how passionate, excited Dan and Rach are for this release. For me this is what made me go from a participant to a Les Mills BodyCombat instructor.   These types of sizzlers didn’t focus on just the participants or just the instructors but anyone.   You would watch 2 programme directors genuinely speak there minds about the release they created. Now the sizzlers seem very corporate, unoriginal and lack everything you’re about to see.   If anyone from Les Mills is reading this : why follow when you can lead?



What do you think?

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