Better late than never, this post has been sat in my drafts folder for a while now. We’ve heard on the QT that more programs will be coming out of the Les Mills camp and well here’s the latest.

What is Les Mills BARRE all about?

This program is a modern expression of classic balletic training, a 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone the muscles and build core strength. The music is uplifting (Move Your Body) and full of great dance beats that’ll let you escape the everyday. Some favourites include Talk, Selfish, and Bad Liar.

Sounds Good now lets see it

I want to do a class

Looking on social media this new program has been picking up momentum over the last couple of months which means chances are your local gym might have it or looking to put it on the timetable. If you’re not sure please check out Les Mills find a class or just ask your fitness manager.

Simon, will you be doing it?

I’ll give most things a try once or twice so if there is a class locally to me who knows I might (I have 2 left feet). If you’ve done a BARRE class or your an instructor and want to share you experiences please comment below, contact me or ping me on twitter. 🙂

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