It doesn’t seem so long ago that we had a Super Quarterly workshop here in Scotland with names like Susan Renata, Mark Sinclair and the UK training team that unleashed on to 250 instructors:

  • Body Combat 51
  • Body Pump 81
  • CX Worx 6
  • Body Jam 60
  • Body Attack 76
  • Body Balance 56
  • Body Vive 22
  • Body Step 87
  • RPM 54

What a great day that was and 6 weeks later, well, the UK are in for a treat.  This Saturday at Loughborough university 300 people will be participating and getting to preview the next set of releases 6 weeks early at the Fusion event.

This event isn’t only for instructors but open to everyone.  If you’re one of the lucky 300 that’s attending please let me know what the new releases are like. Unfortunately at the time of the bookings opened I couldn’t go.  For all the people getting to see and do the following early:

  • Body Combat 52
  • Body Pump 82
  • CX Worx 7
  • Body Jam 61
  • Body Attack 77
  • Body Balance 57
  • Body Vive 23
  • Body Step 88
  • RPM 55

Have a great day am sure it’s going to go through the roof.


  • Helen
    Posted April 16, 2012 5:28 pm 0Likes

    Cx Worx is tough. Body Combat was fantastic and dedicated to Hernan, bless. Body Pump, oh my, probably the best release I have ever done. Propulsive squats do I need to say more…. Was a great day…

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