BodyPump Music Listing

Track 1 – Otherside – Jon Lemmon

Track 2 – The Squat Song (The Extended Mix) – MOTi & BODYWORX

Track 3 – Whoppa – Tinie Tempah feat. Sofia Reyes & Farina

Track 4 – Lacrimosa – Apashe

Track 5 – Too Far Gone (Wild Cards Remix) – Lost Kings feat. Anna Clendening

Track 6 – As Good As It Gets – Posthumous Halloumi

Track 7 – Dhol Life – Wiwek feat. Suraj & Suren

Track 8 – Rari – Swimnaked

Track 9 – Kadungdung – Kuenta I Tambu

Track 10 – My Oasis – Sam Smith feat. Burna Boy

Track BP45 – Can’t Stop – Earl St. Clair

Track BP45 – Then We Cry – NOAM DEE

Track ALT 3 – Leyendas – Lu-Ni

Track ALT 5 – Bright – NOAM DEE

Thoughts on BodyPump 116

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  • Jill Kuhnheim
    Posted April 12, 2021 8:11 pm 0Likes

    I have been doing Body Pump for a couple of years and while there are usually a few songs I like less than others, I think the 116 soundtrack is miserable. Not enough rhythm, many of these sound like dirges (Lacrimosa) or like very dark moments; they are not energizing. I am going to try to find other ways to work out until the instructors get past this 116 set.
    By the way, many of the folks who work out in Body Pump at our Y are not in their teens or twenties so choosing some tracks that might energize slightly older age groups may be an idea. It is very hard to keep up the repetitions without good music– if paying for rights is an obstacle I’d rather you include alternate tracks from past versions so instructors might tailor according to their groups.

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