bodycombat-60-dvd-coverBodyCombat 60 is here, where has all the time gone?  Seems like it wasn’t so long ago when I qualified on BodyCombat 44.  Quite a big milestone for Les Mills. Anyone who has been doing BodyCombat for a couple of years will notice that Rach and Dan have taken the group exercise programme to new levels.

The BodyCombat 60 tracklisting can be found here.  I didn’t post any sizzlers this time round as again they were very slow to hit the net and really wasn’t worth it.

Initial overall thoughts

BodyCombat 59 instructor education DVD was done on the road, well this release was back in the homeland of Auckland city in New Zealand. It’s good to see that the stage format appears to have resumed the normal service of consistency , shame about the clothing really.  The shorts look alright but the tops are not my cup of tea, not for the money they want. I’d prefer to spend my hard earned money on something that’s a)cheaper b)better built c)looks better -> Body Combat Clothing – Alternatives.

This release  for me was a grower.  Learning the tracks and watching the dvd didn’t really spark anything until I started teaching it. This is where it hit me, and hit me hard.  This release just doesn’t stop, everytime I have taught it I have been blowing air out of holes I didn’t know existed.  I’m still not sure about the new move, the superman punch, it just seems thrown in. Everyone I have spoken to about the superman punch hasn’t given it any praise.  BodyCombat 60, a milestone, 15 years, I was expecting the matrix kick and/or the thunder kick.  Will they be back in BodyCombat 61 or even BodyCombat 62, who knows, but it would be good if they were :).

Anyway onto the tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup –  Hit me with your best shot (BassLouder Remix Edit) – Neon Ninja

Not wasting any time you’re thrown straight in with a nice boxing combination of double upper adding on a jab cross jab.  I think the decoy switch and the weave really bring out this warmup.  The squats to lunges I think is a great way to breakup the choreography.   A fun track with lots of lyrics to hook into.

Track 1b – Lower body warmup – Roar (Bass Rayders Remix Edit) – Hot Cherry

I really do like this cover/remix of Roar, lots of build ups with a happy feeling to it. Carrying on with the triple knee from the offset.  Bit of a mental sweat going on with the knee, kick, knee but instantly increases the heart rate.  I am a fan of the round house set-up and the fact that we have 10 round house kicks to teach and check technique makes this lower body warmup a keeper.


I was blown away with the height of the roundhouse kick from Brian blew everyone on the stage away.  If I could kick that height I think I’d show it off too.

Track 2 – Combat 1 – Black or White (Combat Remix) – The Treat Ring

I think this has to be the shortest track 2 ever? I’ll speak to the guru Roger and find out 🙂  Track throws you straight into the deep end and really creates the pace the rest of the release is going at.   Carrying over a bit of the mental sweat from the lower body warm up with the Knee, front kick, like it. Where on earth did the plyo push and push kick come from?  It’s been a while since we’ve seen the side shuffle a kick and then a back fist. I never noticed until it was pointed out to me that on the back fist you hear glass smash,  nice little hook there. Before you know it, it’s over…

Track 3 – Power training 1 – Fly Away – Deer Between

“Annilation of the shoulders”, I’ve heard that somewhere before, BodyCombat 59? Uppercuts, jab crosses wow.  So in BodyCombat 59 we had 32  repetitive uppercuts each side this time they’ve pushed it out and changed it to hooks, must have taken ages to think of that one.  When it goes to the 4 hooks and the combos I teach it as level 1 hook, level 2 hook etc etc and seems to work better than just saying 4 hooks.  Participant or instructor, try it, make every hook harder than the previous and watch the work out go up a couple of levels.

Track 4 – Combat 2 – Emergency(Clockwork Remix) – Steve Aoki feat. Lil Jon, Chiddy Ban

So BodyCombat 59 track 6 has become the basis of this track 4.  Absolute butt burner. The double knee side kick is a good one.  I regularly mix in Fire from BodyCombat 47 which is the basis   Nothing complicated about this track apart from gritting the teeth and getting on with it.

Track 5 – Power training 2 – Rise Again (Sy and Unknown Remix) – Breeze v Lost Witness

Our mid way point of this release.  A real high energy track with choreography to go with it.  The jump jabs is the calm before the storm.  The full combination of jab,cross, hook, upper, hook and jacks gives you the option to really push through.  Hitting off the beat isn’t anything new and is a nice addition.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper “fun” track 5, lets hope one comes along soon :).

Track 6 – Combat 3 – What’s Love (Kandy Man Remix Edit) – Ste Ingham and Nick Stitz

Following what seems to be the theme behind this release, it’s fast and it’s over before you know it.  Bringing the decoy switch from the warm up and adding in the knife strike is a great way to break up the boxing combinations between the tracks. Track 4 brought back a previous combination and well the head body head jab follows suit.

Track 7 – Muay Thai – Kryptonite – Proof Luke

This track isn’t for the faint hearted. Knees knees and more knees.  I can see why the “new move” aka the “superman punch” is in this track but doesn’t feel right.  I’ve even seen some instructors change it to a jumping descend elbow so participants get more from the track.  It is a tough one especially if you put 100% into the combinations.  This track will be used again in a future mix as there is no escape.  As an instructor I try to push participants a little harder with layers on the knees and usually they take the challenge.


Being quite a high cardio track it’s worth to check technique especially on the knees, heel up, toe down :).

Track 8 – Power training 3 –  Sunshine On a Cloudy Day (Eufeion Remix)

Nothing really sticks out about this track and is probably the chink in the armor of this release.  The lyrics can easily be hooked into while you throw quite a boring combination.  The uppercuts of 16 to 8 feel like they’ve been thrown in just to add something to the track.   With this in mind it’s all about the work out and if you push yourself on each uppercut then your shoulders will start to scream at you.

Track 9 – Conditioning – You’re the Best – Blazed Calm

The first half of this conditioning class you’d think you were in a CxWorx class.  Yeah you should feel that burn but it’s a bit boring.  Second round with the press-ups really finishes off the shoulders. Yeah an ok track 9, nothing to write home.

Track 10 – Cool down – Now We are Free – Lisa Kelly

What can we say about a cool down?  First off, a cover and not a good one of a classic Hans Zimmer, really?   Does the job cools us down, throw in a sword combination for the fun of it and we’re done.

Bonus Tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup – Every Rose Has its thorn – Nick Stitz

Track 1b – Lower body warmup – Roar (Bass Rayders Remix Edit) – Hot Cherry

I’m not sure why they added another track for the upper body warm up since the choreography doesn’t change? When I first saw the BodyCombat 60 track listing and saw bonus tracks I thought we were in for a treat with swap able tracks, I thought wrong.  Les Mills please……

What Next?

Well lets look at the facts that Rach and Dan have been throwing in a lot of new moves from BodyCombat 50 through to BodyCombat 60 and they’ve been one hit wonders.  Will we see these moves again any time soon?   I recall the social reaction to the matrix kick, hard but loved, I personally don’t think we will see them in the next year?  Was the sword in the cool down a preview into the next release will the sword be back?  Roger and I will probably be chatting about this release so please check out his group fitness over coffee podcast.

Got launch pictures/videos you want to share?

Every release after my thoughts have been made public I do a post on “Everything BodyCombat release?”.  These can all be found :  If you’d like to share something in the Everything BodyCombat 60 then please get in touch.

Give Feedback

If you have any thoughts about BodyCombat 60 and you’d like to share then please feel free to comment or get in touch. If you didn’t already know you can also give feedback to Les Mills in relation to any programme/release. Are you an instructor? Heard of the BLAH (be loud and heard)? Are you a participant? You can let Les Mills know about your experiences with after class. . Whether or not this information is used correctly or at all is another question? I’d love to see all the data collated and analyse it. Les Mills you could do so much with this data please say you’re using it.


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