So BodyCombat 60 was the 15 ish year mark for the programme. Participants have asked how things have changed over time. To show this I taught a warm-up from around the 40 mark and they were quite surprised to see the difference from 20 or so releases ago to now.To highlight these changes and to show where BodyCombat has come from and to where it is now I have found various “warm-up” tracks jumping through from the first ever release.

Lets have a look through the ages where you can see and even hear a difference with final thoughts at the end.  Would like to thank my good friend Roger who I bombarded with questions so I could try and get facts right :).

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BodyCombat 1

Who are these people you see before you? You’re currently look at Gabby and Natha Leivas the trainers that started this Les Mills journey.

Can you remember my heart will go on by Celine Dion? Well this was the first track used as a warm-up in BodyCombat.

BodyCombat 16

Nessaja by Scooter.

BodyCombat 23

Stuck On You (Club Version) – Mark Oh


BodyCombat 29

Thank You (Radio Edit) Flexter
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Vol 2 The Floor Mix) The Warp Brothers

BodyCombat 33

Think about the way (Radio edit) – Frisco v Ice MC
Mundian To Bach Ke (Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Edit)

BodyCombat 36

Walking In Memphis – Master Blaster
James Bond Theme – Moby

BodyCombat 40

Layla (Caribbean Mix) – DJ U-Hey & DJ Minagawa
Hot n ColdKaty Perry

BodyCombat 50

More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
Rolling in the deep (Technoposse Remix)Fizzy Deejay

BodyCombat 60

One of my favorite master trainers in the below video Judy King. I hope she’s back filming a master class soon or even LMUK getting her across for a Scottish GFX?

Hit me with your best shot (BassLouder Remix Edit) – Neon Ninja
Roar (Bass Rayders Remix Edit) Hot Cherry


If you watched even a part of all the above videos you’ll notice that in the start there was quite alot of added music effects and that the pace started very slow. Over time music effects disappeared (have re-appeared now and again but not consistent like before) and the intensity of the warm-up has grown. Is it just me or do the effects add some fun/cheese to the tracks?

Quite alot has changed over the last 15 years and well lets face it, it has to otherwise it would just eventually get boring however, one thing has remained constant, technique. With the basic understandings of each move past or present is the grounding for any safe BodyCombat class. Doing it right can prevent extra stress on joints that’s not needed, deter injury and allows us to work in levels alot easier.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?   Have I overlooked something?

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