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Welcome along to the second post under the tag of “Fitness Friday”.  This isn’t a regular post but I look at Fitness related topics, videos, blog posts that have surfaced through the realms of social media, discovery or even being directed towards.  During the week this tweet caught my eye from my good friend Diana Wright (video in tweet is below):

The Sneak Peak

After watching the above video digging a little deeper needed to happen to find out what, why, when, and how.

What is Core De Force?

Core De Force as it stands is a do at home type workout.I’m not sure if Core De Force will become a group fitness class but I really hope it does. As of writing only thing I know in relation to release is what’s shown in the video and what BeachBody says about workout?

Here’s how it works: each workout is broken into 3-minute “rounds” — just like a real boxing match. In those 3 minutes you’ll alternate between addictive Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai-inspired combinations, bodyweight training, and cardio spikes that kick your fat burn into overdrive. But all that punching and kicking doesn’t just burn calories. Each move, whether it’s a jab or a knee, is rotational, giving you a 360-degree core workout that will tighten up your entire midsection. All you have to do is hit it hard 3 minutes at a time and before you know it — you’re done!


My understanding is that it is currently available in the US currently as a home workout.  I believe it will be coming to the UK in 2017.

Just as I was finishing writing this we’re teased by a tweet from BeachBody UK:


This isn’t really applicable to the home workout but if this comes out as a group exercise class, where do I sign up to get certified? Like the rest of BeachBody programs they give something back to the instructor. Not having to worry about getting a place in a workshop to remain certified, PPL free, and being able to go out in the community to start a class without having to pay a venue license fee. Exciting times ahead :).

Have you done this workout at home?

  • What would you say you most enjoy about it?
  • Do you think you’d work even harder if it was a group exercise class?
  • If you were to describe the workout in 4 words?

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