What’s that reek? Glove and trainer freshener

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes or a class I have shadowed/team taught then chances are you may have noticed (if you were close enough) a smell coming from my gloves.  It’s only natural to happen especially as the months get warmer.  I use gloves while teaching BodyCombat and when I can at my local gym on pads and bags.  With BodyCombat 58 and BodyCombat 59 being an absolute sweat fest it was time I needed to find something that would remove the smell of hard work, especially with BodyCombat 60 on its way. I sometimes wash my gym gear which has included my gloves with a small amount of vinegar.  This works a treat on my clothes but doesn’t do much with my gloves.  While looking through some items on Amazon I came across the

No Stink Sports Glove Deodouriser Yellow

Reading the description :

after a hard training session, place the deodorizing pouches inside your sports gloves. The natural properties of the charcoal pouches will absorb the moisture inside your gloves and kill the bacteria that cause bad smells.

This sounded like something that I needed so checked out what the reviews said and most of them were very positive so decided to give them a try.


fresh-gloves After using these on both my pairs of gloves and my teaching trainers I can safely say that they’re worth every penny. For a whole £5 I can put my gloves and even my trainers on without worrying about the smell coming from them. If you have the same problems check out the Sports Glove Deodorizer.

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