That time again. This year is flying by. Body Combat 55 where to begin?


I posted the Body Combat 55 video sizzler back in March when I mentioned attending GFX 1. While doing this release at GFX 1 it didn’t seem to click like previous releases, it was like it had been thrown together. I loved the music but the choreography didn’t seem to move me, maybe it was the event? After delivering this release over and over again I can say that my opinion of it has changed…….

Thoughts on tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup – Back in time

Starting the release as you mean to go on. As normal thrown into the depths of boxing. Warmed up with a good combination of upper cuts, hooks, jabs and directional movement. Fun uplifting track preparing you for the workout ahead.

Track 1b – Lower body warmup – Call me maybe

This lower body warm up is absolutely massive. I really do like this for its choreography and the uplifting energetic tune it’s delivered to. Quite surprised not to see the shoots in here but am glad they’ve been kept them out. Knees, kick set ups and kicks, lovely. Can hook into the lyrics so easily…. Please Dan and Rach more like this 🙂 🙂

Track 2 – Combat 1 – Bad Girls

Following on from previous releases this track throws you in the world of Capoeira. Getting the 1st beat and into the flow will result in maximum workout from the ginga. I do think the jumping evasive side kick is an un-needed option as the tracks quite quick. What do you think?

Track 3 – Power training 1 – Don’t feel the love

I really do like this track, simple effect boxing training, layering on the combination. The last time Dan and Rach took a track off beat was in Body Combat 52 track 7. Not only did they take it off beat they made if freestyle. We need more of these as it just adds on another level of authenticity and cardio.

Track 4 – Combat 2 – Firestarter

Shoots, shoots and more shoots. They’re back and I really do like how they’ve broken this track down in terms of choreography. This track not only gives you a cardio sweat but also a mental sweat working on the 2 roundhouse knees to the jabs and elbow.

Track 5 – Power training 2 –  We no speak no Americano

When I heard the track initially I was quite excited as it sounded like you could have a bit of fun with it. Really everything is happening at a high speed there really isn’t time. Looking at the Body Combat 56 behind the scenes would seem the travelling jabs are staying for a while. Not really got alot else to say about this track.

Track 6 – Combat 3 – Where have you been

I think it’s the first time nearly all my participants agreed they wanted it mixed out. The block, chop and kicks get a little boring.

Track 7 – Muay Thai – Let it rock

At the SQW when I done this it felt thrown together but after teaching it a couple of times my word. This track 7 comes right up to your face and slaps you down a couple of times. Simple choreography with massive effects. From the ascend/descend elbows to knees to downward street punch results in a sold track which will be going in the mix list.  The music has lots of areas to tap into and the options on the knees give the track a whole new level. Fantastic.

Track 8 – Power training 3- For a lifetime

This is an OK track 8. I like the music but choreography feels like something is missing.  Going back to basics with this high energy track. Lets see what the next release brings.

Track 9 – Conditioning – You’re gonna love this

I absolutely love this conditioning track, the shoulder taps, press-up combination is fantastic. The climber is just evil. This will be going into the mix list.

Track 10 – Cool down – Battle Scars

What can you say about cool downs really? Nice tune to a great ending.

Give feedback

So that’s Body Combat 55 in the bag. Have you enjoyed this release?

If you have any thoughts about Body Combat 55 and you’d like to share then please feel free to comment or get in touch. If you didn’t already know you can also give feedback to Les Mills in relation to any programme/release. Are you an instructor? Heard of the BLAH (be loud and heard)? Are you a participant? You can let Les Mills know about your experiences with after class.

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