This time round I booked on to the quarterly workshops at Broadwood. Going back to Broadwood always bring backs good memories: going from participant to a body combat instructor to doing my AIM(Advanced Instructors module) 1 in Body Combat. Unfortunately during 3rd track in Body Combat my back decided to go (due to other reasons outside of Body Combat) so had to sit out both workshops as I struggled to stand and walk 🙁

body combat 53 & cx worx 8 dvds

Body Combat 53 was delivered by Shey Shehovich and Giovanna Sacco. It went off. The guys delivered a hard hitting workshop. I’m gutted I had to sit at the side from track 4 onwards. Lots of sweaty instructors giving 100%. What a great atmosphere. I look forward to getting better and teaching this release. Not a fan of Jagger Swagger the song but the chore looked awesome.

CX Worx 8 delivered by Huw Davis. This guy is a machine.  He made the whole masterclass look easy with the black tube he was using. This release looks solid, really enjoyed the music and the choreography. CX Worx 8 is going to push participants and myself to a new level of core strength.

I’d like to thank Dave Kyle and the other master trainers who looked after me after my back decided to go.  I’ll not be Wake boarding in another country again, lesson learned.

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