Subtext Skin Bonanza 2011 – Skin 10 – Bueno

Theme number 10 converted. 10 already, the list is growing and growing. People have been contacting me asking to convert this and that and really I have to draw the line somewhere. Going back to my initial post in this series I will be doing a max of 40 skins.  I’d like to wrap this series up so I can help Phil and Simo with bug fixes, feature requests and confirming fixes. I will had a however clause: If a theme is brought to our attention that would benefit the subtext community then it will be “I’ll see what I can do”…

On to number 10 : Bueno by WooThemes. Taken from Woothemes:

Bueno is a clean, minimalistic design which just oozes sophistication in both it’s typography & structure. Stripped of all fancy design elements; the reader’s focus should be on the great content that you produce.

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