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Leia English theme Yesterday I posted an article about contributing to subtext by creating some more skins.

Well this morning I slapped together the 1st one (about 90 mins work).  It’s in an early development stage but I think it looks good.  There is only 1 css file (9kb) which means it’s a very basic skin. No comment preview, lightbox, xfn, printer friendly or code formatting, however I am sure I will expand on this in the future. There are some little areas that need attention which I will iron out over the week.

One are is that the 2 columns on the original has just been made into one for now while I think of a nice way to do it.  Also the search facility hasn’t been touched as I need to go through the CSS thoroughly and get the update panel and search results to display right.

For a live demo please see my friends site Andrew Kemp.  Any suggestions, feedback please contact me.  Once I am happy with the skin overall I will be submitting it for public use on the usual site – warned Andy is playing about with it so if it’s broken it’s him….

If you would like to change the header image then there are header packs over at the authors site

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  • Andrew Kemp
    Posted April 7, 2008 3:30 pm 0Likes

    I am liking the new skin 🙂 hade a few minor changes to it, ie added my google adds in and a few other bits and pieces. got lightbox working on it too now, although the posts I put up with Lightbox before I went to the new skin don’s seem to work properly… I’ll see what clearing my Temp internet files does.
    Cheers Bud 🙂

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