This post has 2 points I’d like to get across, the first one, if you have emailed me in relation to your experience with LMUK please check your inboxes as I have emailed you asking for permission to send it on to LM NZ and the second, a throwback back to when FitPro ran the UK side of things.

A glimpse into things before LMUK:

  • There were enough quarterly workshops put on, enough facilities at “Live” events.
  • You weren’t slated on social media for having a voice when contacting FitPro.
  • Rules in relation to what classed as a “touch point” were simple and not changed on the day.
  • The trainers/presenters were genuine and deserved to be where they are, acting not needed (fortunately there are some left :))…..
  • There was passion, transparency, communication, now it’s just all about the ££££££££££…

List goes on and there will be a future blog post, maybe even a podcast about this and how the “touch point” system is failing the instructors.

To the positive 🙂 a step back into time that reminds me of a big influence of why I became a Les Mills instructor :).

The Legends

BodyCombat 47 Track 8

BodyCombat mix from FitPro Convention 2009

BodyCombat mix  2010

BodyCombat mix from Loughborough Convention 2011

What do you think?

You think the experience is any better? Please let us know your thoughts or If you have any tracks you’d like to share please comment, tweet me, or get in touch.  Thanks for reading Simon Philp.

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