Les Mills BodyCombat 64 and BodyCombat 65 sit in the shadows as we slowly approach the mixing phase. BodyCombat 67 track listing is out.  How has BodyCombat 66 gone down?

Les Mills BodyCombat 66 Masterclass

Only Dan and Rach on the masterclass, no bad camera angles trying to get a big group in which means you can actually see whats going on.  Masterclass brings it, lots of energy, looking forward to the workshop.

Initial overall thoughts

A little more scripting needed for some of the tracks due to the nature of the choreography but looking a solid release.  Track 3 remix of titanium is awesome….  The 45 minute format is a little disappointing since the total time without cool-down is 44 minutes and 24 seconds…. Unfortunately some instructors don’t have the flexibility to extend the 45 minute class slot they’ve been given and really is a big negative to this format.

Anyway onto the tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup – Everybody (Jump Smokers Remix) – Justice Crew

I like this warmup as there is nothing fancy about it.  Body and mind need to be switched on and ready to go. Simple boxing combinations which allow the instructor to focus on technique of the jabs,crosses and uppercuts. Not sure about the shoot combination as it’s not used again in the release….   If you workout in a studio with mirrors check your hooks and uppercuts, set yourself up for a safe but fun workout :).

Track 1b – Lower body warmup – Dibby Dibby Sound (feat. Ms. Dynamite) [The Partysquad Remix] – DJ Fresh & Jay Fay feat. Ms. Dynamite

Straight off into the Esquiva lunge, step forward, step back combination. This thrown in with the switches and alternating front kicks starts the mental sweat.  Lots of areas to focus on kicking technique and control from the round house setup to the side kick. Like it :).

Track 2 – Combat 1 –  Karate – R3hab & KSHMR

Thrown into the world of kick boxing and Karate…  Alot happening in this track but I think it’s a good thing.  Can use the front kick for 3 times to connect with participants, nothing beats a room full or people shouting “three” or the famous shop “Ikea”….  The balance challenge with the round house tap is a nice breakup of the previous fast paced combination.  This has been done a few times in the past and it’s amazing seeing participants improve over a couple of weeks.

Track 3 – Power training 1 – Titanium – The Salty Mix

This has to be one of my top power training 1 tracks.  The choice of music and choreography really drives this.  You think it’s about to stop, nope there’s more.  Basic boxing punches with lots of opportunity to increase the levels we’re working at. When it comes to mixing in the future this track will certainly be high on the list to play.

Track 4 – Combat 2 –  Hey Mama – Highland Eighth

Step forward, step back, esquiva. Can’t be a bit of capoeira. Carrying on tradition after working the legs to go to the floor to work the upper body with some press-ups.  Everything flows here but like the previous tracks moving to the floor kinda interrupts this.

Track 5 – Power training 2 – Pieces – Chase & Status feat. Plan B

Coming off all the shoulder work from track 4 and we’re thrown into the shoulder finisher.  Hook, upper, hook continuous hits home and it’s all about digging in.  Just before the sprinting round I usually split the room putting each side against each another.  It’s the matter of can you go faster and higher than the person opposite you. Works like a charm :).  This track 5 certainly goes into the mixing list….

Track 6 – Combat 3 – Get Over It – The Carbonated Kick

This track takes me back to many releases in the 40’s.  Fun rock track with simple choreography.  The back kick front kick combo flows nicely with the music :).  I can recall the last time we had a back fist in a track. If i recall it was a round-house kick to the side back fist?  Lots of guitar riffs to have some fun with.

Track 7 – Muay Thai – The Black Pearl (Rui Festival Edit) – Scotty

There has been quite alot of “discussions” about the return of the black pearl.  For those that don’t know this track was used in a previous release in BodyCombat 43 track 6.  Some people really love that it’s energetic, simple, short and to the point, others just feel it’s not track 7 material.   For me I don’t mind this track, it’s a happy track that’s easy to teach.  Will be a perfect little track filler in future mixes.  I will be doing a mix of both versions though sometime soon :).

Track 8 – Power training 3 –  Reach Out – Cat Knight Dougal & Gammer

7 and a half minutes of boxing training.  Lots of level changes with the high and low punches.  It’s been a while but we have the nice addition of the body hook.  For me this track will be buried once I have mixed out this release, won’t be planning on using it again.

Track 9 – Conditioning – Bounce – Iggy Azalea

Spider crawl, oblique crunch, something a little different.

Track 10 – Cool down –  Love Me Anyway –Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons

The cool down could of consisted of anything as this track is fantastic.  I really do like the Imagine Dragons and it’s good to see their tracks being used across programs.

What Next?

BodyCombat 67 track listing is out. What will BodyCombat 67 bring?  Predictions : Jumps kicks, jump knees…..

Lot of new moves from BodyCombat 50 through to BodyCombat 60 and they’ve been one hit wonders.  Will we see these moves again any time soon? It would seem not.

Roger and I will probably be chatting about this release soon so please check out his group fitness over coffee podcast.

Got launch pictures/videos you want to share?

Every release after my thoughts have been made public I do a post on “Everything BodyCombat release?”.  These can all be found : http://www.siphilp.co.uk/tag/everything-body-combat.  If you’d like to share something in the Everything BodyCombat 66 then please get in touch.

Give Feedback

If you have any thoughts about BodyCombat 66 and you’d like to share then please feel free to comment or get in touch. Previously you could give feedback to Les Mills but would seem the website doesn’t offer such a facility any more.  Your best bet?  Take it to twitter :). While you’re here why not subscribe?

If anyone from Les Mills global is reading this please can you make it easier for instructors and participants to give feedback?

Finally, dear Dan and Rach

Please can we start having bonus tracks? Every other Les Mills program has them, options are good. 🙂 Thank you in advance…

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