You’re driving along,you look into the rear mirror and you’re presented with a beautiful misty landscape. The only option is to pull over and be grateful that your camera is in your boot. I won’t be caught off guard again.

Misty Landscape location

You could pass the same place 100’s or even 1000’s of times and all it takes is mother nature to throw in a clear sky, fantastic light and some mist. This location is on the A985 heading towards Kincardine Bridge just past Crombie, Fife, Scotland.   If you’re unsure where this is then the following map should help.

As you come out of Crombie you’ll see a farm road (on the left). As you enter this road there is space to park a car or 2.  Should this already be taken there is a parking bay (< 1 min drive on main road) 5 minute walk away.   Across the road is the view point of these photographs.  I took these from the road edge where there are many safe locations to setup your camera away from the traffic.

The plan is to go back, research and experiment as there are quite alot of locations on the A985 that would make fantastic viewpoints for when the light is right.  I hope over the next couple of weeks while the seasons change to explore these locations which I will blog about :).


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