Gmail supports shortcuts……….What?

I was setting up my Gmail account to read another email address when I saw a setting for keyboard shortcuts.  I am a big fan of shortcuts that can be shown from previous posts on this matter.

mail_logo_5Any process that results in producing an outcome in less steps through a simple combination of keys is a big yes, yes in my book. It’s just the matter of knowing if there is such a combination.

Back to the main part of this blog post, Gmail shortcuts.


End Result


Press C key while in any mail box to open compose window.

Shift + C

Compose in new window.


Reading a message? Hit R to reply to sender.


As above but hit A to reply to all.


Forward a message to someone.


Search. Find that message.


Send to spam folder.


Star conversation.


If you have 1 or more emails selected press Y to archive them.


Mute the conversation where it will archive the thread and stop replies showing unless sent directly to you.


This is a priority inbox feature. Pressing this button will mark any email as important.

Opposite from the + shortcut


Selecting any message and it will be deleted.

G + S

Go to starred.

G + C

Go to contacts.

Tab + enter

Send message.


View shortcuts.

Simples, improving productivity 1 step at a time.

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