Gmail labs – Protect yourself from yourself

For people who use Gmail as their email provider there are a couple of features that can as the title suggests “protect yourself from yourself”. I am going to cover 2 features you may or may not of used or even heard of, Mail Goggles and Undo Send.

Feature 1 – Mail Goggles

Within mail settings go to labs and search for Mail Goggles:

mail Goggles

Once enabled, depending on the time of day will confront you with a maths problem. To be able to send an email you will need to answer the questions correctly.

Feature 2 – Undo Send

As before within mail settings go to labs and search for Undo Send:

Undo Send

As the title suggests, this pauses the email from being sent for a number of seconds. The number of seconds can be changed in the general settings tab once this feature has been enabled.


The send cancellation limit is 30 seconds. This is more than enough if you change your mind about sending an email.

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