Here it finally is a small collection of blog posts,tweets,images and videos related to BodyCombat 59 by Les Mills. If you’d like to be on a future Everything Body Combat or this one please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page, comment below or grab me on twitter.




Release Pictures

By Jenna Beth –
By Steven Chandra –
By Aquamoves Shepparton –
By Toby Budiatono –
By Les Mills Argentina –
By Emma R –

YouTube Clips

BodyCombat 59 Track 8 – GFX Glasgow

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Body Combat 59 New Release Les Mills 2014 Fitness Sports

I put this video in due to the nature of it covering most of the tracks. It’s a shame about technique and lack of leading by example. Perfect highlight into making sure you video yourself every couple of months for a checkup, we’re only human after all..
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  • Loretta : Release #59 of Bodycombat @GoodLifeFitness is no joke! The leg track is insane! ♡’d it!
  • Lisa Rennison : Awesome classes tonight guys great energy think we all smashed it flipping love Bodycombat 59 it’s nuts!
  • Sig Rob Arc : Epic! Heavenly SWEAT!!  #bodycombat59

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