Competition Alert – Podcast Easter Egg

easter eggI know I am not very consistent when it comes to posting podcasts but the next one, number six will come with a difference.  I am going to use 2 tracks that I have used in my previous podcasts of which the listing will just show a “?”. 

Here is the plan.  If you contact me with the correct Artist and song title your name will be put in a hat of which 2 winners will be announced 2 weeks on Sunday.

If you just fancy a years flickr pro account and aren’t able to guess the tracks  then just post an article on your website linking to this page <a href=””>Si Philp</a> and then post a comment with the link and viola you’ve entered. I have also added a new “sharethis” widget on the bottom of each post so really no excuse 😉

3 prizes on offer.  If you don’t require any of the below then I’ll donate the equivalent to Cancer Research or a charity of your choice. If you win the hosting but would prefer the Flickr price then I am happy to do that to 🙂

Prices for guessing correct tracks

  1. 1 year UK CS New media Linux Bronze hosting 
  2. 1 year Flickr Pro Account

Price for circulating the competition(draw week Sunday)

  1. 1 year Flickr Pro account

Podcast number 6 will go live on Sunday morning…..Good luck.

*Easter Egg Picture from Stacey Saling

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