Struggling for ideas? Using your statistics for post ideas

Rubix cude unsolved Time hasn’t been on my side lately when it comes to writing posts for my site however, I have had “brainstorming” sessions that resulted in producing nearly 4 pages of possible topics. This has started from thinking about something on the train or at work that has spiraled out. 

In the past I have hit brick walls when it comes to writing posts but I think this was due to the narrow verge I was in back then.  Life itself can open water gates making you think about subjects in a totally different way. Today a new water gate opened:

It wasn’t till this morning when I was listening to Jason Booms First Podcast that the coin dropped.  Why not use my statistics for post idea’s aswell? I generally have a glimpse now and again at referrers but thought nothing more about it. Today this changed.

Looking at search engine traffic and keywords for Feb 2008 (excluding my podcast site) I compiled a very cut down list. 

  • Changing your subtext post template i.e. removing the “Posted @”
  • Subtext Control Reference
  • Using Images in a radio button list?
  • Populating a radio list with Javascript
  • Displaying an image/div when clicking a button?
  • Changing an image with Javascript.
  • More on Braefoot, Dalgety Bay.
  • Creating a style for radio button list items.
  • OnClick event adds a border to the element

From keywords,phrases I was able to easily produce 9 topics. If you were one of the many people searching for any of the above subjects. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

Really though, how easy was that? 

I would also like to mention my 2nd subtext skinning article is nearly complete.  I am just going through the draft making sure the structure is ok and that I haven’t missed anything out.

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  • Jason Boom
    Posted March 2, 2008 6:59 pm 0Likes

    Hey thanks for the plug, Si. You bring up an excellent point, as well. The keywords people use to find my site are rather crazy right now. I’m hoping they become more refined to my topics soon, and not related to spandex or Nantucket.

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