I’ve not been happy with the theme of my site for a while now and finally I get some time to change this.  If you’re visiting over the weekend you may notice the following:

  • 404 Error – Not Found
  • 500 Error – Server Error
  • Site looking bare just text and pictures

If you do happen to bump into any of the above give it 5 minutes or so and hit refresh :).  Everything will be eventually be fine.

Why am I telling you this?

The last time I was doing things with my site I was bombarded via twitter and email from nice people saying “hey what’s up with your site”.

Why are you doing this?

The other day I noticed how many subscribers I had and was blown away, wow.  Big thank you to all :D.   If you’ve not Subscribed what are you waiting for?  I am about to hit a BIG milestone, you never know it could be you ;).

I don’t want to give alot away as a fresh look is just a small fish in a big pond for the things that are coming :). Many many improvements are coming. From website accessibility,better content, look and feel to fitness goodies to give away thanks to brands who have reached out :D.

BIG NEWS about my photography coming soon. Too much excitement . Stay tuned.



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