[dropcap background=”yes” bgcolor=”default”]A[/dropcap] new year and a set of new programme releases from Les Mills.  Body Combat 58 what can I say? First we had the preview, then the track listing and finally the sizzler. The masterclass this time round was done completely different to previous releases. I’m not sure if it’s a positive or a negative thing, lots of trainers/shadows on the stage then they’re gone? At times I wasn’t sure who to look at. Didn’t seem to be any consistency and on certain angles you just couldn’t see what was happening, it’s still an educational DVD right???? 

Anyway on to the release. When I done the workshop with Shey in Edinburgh I left with alot of the tracks going through my mind. Usually I do the workshop and bits and bobs come back to me, but this release was different. A good different.  This release is a monster. It’s matter of guard up, chin down, and going for it.

[blockquote source=”me”]I don’t think there has been a release whereby I have written so much on my choreography notes since I became an instructor.[/blockquote]

Thoughts on tracks

Track 1a – Upper body warmup – Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Max Kinscheck Remix)Dirty Scandal

Ready to get warm? We kick off with a uplifting track which you just want to sing along to. Just make sure you sing the right version :P.  Alof of directional movement filled with various simple boxing combinations. Towards end of the upper body warm up it picks up pace with a spot of Muay Thai thrown in with alternative jab jab descending elbow, the mental sweat starts early. Plenty of lyrics to hook into and lots of time to show options or tighten up on technique before going into our first fight.

Track 1b – Lower body warmup – Scream (Tobi feat. LuTraXx Remix)Killah Swagger

Thrown straight into the lower body warm up, no static stretches in this release. It’s been several releases since we’ve had the shoot but it shows it’s face for a couple of counts. We’re thrown into kick boxing with with a double front knee, onto karate and then Tae Kwon Do.  This lower body warm up covers alot of various kicks. From back kick to the round house set-up. Very nicely put together.

Track 2 – Combat 1 – Strobelight (Original) – Laidback Luke & Lee Mortimer

This track isn’t about physical sweat but also a mental sweat.  Feels very fast and getting the combination of jab,cross,jab,knee/kick takes practice.  In all honesty this took me quite a while to get right in sense of teaching it and doing it.  After scripting it I found that I needed to do a little more…  In the end I kept it simple and it just came.

Track 3 – Power training 1 – Shooting Star (Storm’s HS Remix)Bang!

This track, well, where to start, the music, the choreography, the layers? This was the first track I learned. My notes covered with thoughts, motivational cues, possible technique pointers, it just went on.  Simple boxing combination with lots of room to hook into the music and take the exercise to a new level. The music and chore reminds me of Body Combat 50 Track 3 – What’s up presented by Judy King. This track has her name written all over it. Love it.

Track 4 – Combat 2 – Bass Laser – Digital Ma$$ feat. U-Neek

Thrown in to the world of Capoeira.  This track took several attempts to nail as timing and coaching is very important when it comes to tracks like this.  Once nailed this track is quite fun.  The combinations of 3 really brings this track alive even with the little sound effects thrown in.  Just remember on the ginga when stepping back picture a triangle and make sure your feet never cross.

Track 5 – Power training 2 – Cold As Ice (Weaver and Suae Intro Mix) – East Coast Masif

We hit the half way mark and if you think you’re getting a breather between rounds think again.  We build a solid level changing combination from the body to the head. Power, speed, aggression, and movement.  What else would you want from the world of boxing? We’ve not seen the weave in a while bringing an authentic feel to the track. The final round delivers a big punch.   Lots of room for level changes.  It’s about now technique begins to fade as you fatigue and add power.  Stay focused on maintaining good posture and technique on each punch.

Track 6 – Combat 3 – Action – Score And The Finger

It’s great seeing another UK presenter on the DVD. Dave Cross delivers to his normal high standard. This track has the 3 K’s,Karate, Kick boxing and Karaoke. The kata initially can be quite confusing but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Track 7 – Muay Thai – It’s A Fight – Beach Incarnation

By the end of this track you should be breathing from places you didn’t know you had. Knees, knees and more knees but with a twist. Remember point toe down, bring that heel up….It certainly is a fight and this track will separate the strong from the weak. Whatever you do, do not stop. This has to be one of my favourite Muay Thai tracks in a while. Lots of lyrics to hook into and the synth creates levels of power. Nothing complicated just thrown straight into the deep end. See you at the other side….

Track 8 – Power training 3 – My Forever LoveSy And Unknown

It’s been a while since we had a “shortish” track 8. By the end of it your shoulders should feel like they’ve worked. Working with combinations throughout the release means it’s easy to teach, easy to learn and easy to unleash.

Track 9 – Conditioning – People Like UsKelly Clarkson

This is being added to the best of list. An awesome shoulder, chest and core burner. By the end of this track you’ll be ready for a well deserved hot shower.

Track 10 – Cool down – Till I Collapse – The Junkyard Scoller

A 5 minute cool down what’s going on? Shame it’s a cover track but like the conditioning will be going on the best of list.  A solid cool down, I really like how they’ve brought the kata from Track 6 to the cool down. Priceless to see everyones mental sweat face in the last kata….. [blockquote source=”Dan Cohen Body Combat 58 – track 8″] If it don’t challenge ya, It won’t change ya [/blockquote]

What Next?

Will Body Combat 59 bring a mix of the Matrix kick and thunder kick? Will they introduce a new move or are they holding off for Body Combat 60 that will hit our doorsteps/laptops around the summer time?

Give Feedback

If you have any thoughts about Body Combat 58 and you’d like to share then please feel free to comment or get in touch. If you didn’t already know you can also give feedback to Les Mills in relation to any programme/release. Are you an instructor? Heard of the BLAH (be loud and heard)? http://www.lesmills.com/blah Are you a participant? You can let Les Mills know about your experiences with after class. http://www.lesmills.com/global/classes/after-class-surveys.aspx

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