This release has to be the most talked about release in a long time. Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, everything I have heard or read has been nothing but positive and I for one agree. When the Body Combat 53 Sizzler video  came out we got quite a good insight into what was in the release.  When I wrote my Body Combat 52 review I mentioned on the warm up:

I don’t think we’ve had shoots since Track 4 in Body Combat 44? Maybe they’re preparing us for Body Combat 53?

Would seem it was a red herring and shoots are nowhere to be seen this in release.


Lets take a look at the numbers:

Move Amount Move Amount
Jabs 470 Low Blocks 62
Uppercuts 314 Mid Blocks 50
Hooks 294 Palm Strike 42
Crosses 204 Front Knees 214
Descending Elbows 64 Roundhouse knees 152
Ascending Elbows 64 Esquivas 68
Backfists 14 Gingas 19
Side kicks 70 Front kicks 65
Back kicks 32 Roundhouse kick 18
Jump kick 16

The latest calorie count on the posters for a body combat class is 737.  After monitoring 12 classes on my polar watch my average calorie consumption was 1030.

Thoughts on tracks

  • Track 1a/b – Multi directional movement with simple but effective combinations to 2 great tracks. I really do like how alot of the combinations can be linked to a future track like single jabs, and elbows. Lots of room to focus on technique pointers so 100% can be given later in the class.
  • Track 2 – The first fight that comes straight at you.  The combinations take the heart rate up quite quickly especially with the jump kick making a re-appearance from Body Combat 52. In saying that If there was a track out of this release I wasn’t 100% on would be this track.  Something doesn’t feel like it flows right.
  • Track 3 – Can I have an order of hook, upper, hook with a side of jabs and jump jabs? It’s amazing how these combinations demolish the shoulders so early on the class. I am finding when people tire technique begins to get compromised on the hooks and upper cuts.  Need to keep angles and target zones in check.
  • Track 4 – I really do like this track. The Karate kata is very nice. I am finding that I need to encourage participants to bend the knees and sink into a proper stance so they get the benefits of the track. If you’re not feeling it on your quads then you need to check your stance.
  • Track 5 – 5 minutes of boxing, boxing and more boxing. I love how this track just doesn’t stop.  Only half way through and by the time you’ve done all the single upper cuts, hooks, jabs,crosses shoulders should be beginning to scream or screaming at you.
  • Track 6 – This track is an absolute killer.  Nothing complicated here just a burning feeling in all the right places. I wasn’t a fan of the single Esquivas with me being quite tall and the music being quick, timing here is demanding but if you stay low then it gets easier ;). Capoeira and kick boxing for ultimate leg training. Love the choreography, dislike the song….
  • Track 7 – I am a huge fan of the previous track 7 and again making sure 100% is given pushes you through that point of no return. Roundhouse knees,knees, elbows and lots of them simple, effective combos. Music makes you want to work harder, faster, stronger. I do hope Dan and Rach bring back another freestyle section in a future track 7.
  • Track 8 – Where are they pulling out the track 8’s from? This track just doesn’t stop and really should be called the “shoulder shredder”. The jabs, upper cuts at the end finish off this track nicely….
  • Track 9 – “The Oblique shredder” and that it is.  If you’re not feeling it in the Oblique’s then check your positioning, this is another tough conditioning track.
  • Track 10 – Another nice ending to a release.

An absolute belter of a release. By no means is this an easy release and can be shown in the calories burned. Dan and Rach never fail to surprise me when it comes to taking tracks to a new level.  I have personally noticed that my shoulders and legs have changed shape over 5 weeks of doing Body Combat 53. I am nervous as to what Body Combat 54 will bring but as they say, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Unknown.

My quote for this release

Stop being a pretender and become a contender…..

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