Body Combat 50 quick thoughts

body combat 50 posterLast month saw me down in Bristol for the brave new world super quarterly experiencing all the latest releases including body combat 50. Since then I have been scripting and learning. The more I do it, the more I love it.

Track Listing

1a – More (B&W Edit) – Spice Club
1b – Rolling In The Deep (Technoposse Remix) – Fizzy Deejay
2 –  Frozen – Big Fiesta
3 – What’s Up? (Dougal & Gammer Hardcore Mix) – DJ Destiny
4 – Let It Die – Kartsy Wolfbain
5 – Nessaja (Breeze Remix) – Scooter
6 – Gimmie Dat – Ciara
7 – Eye Of The Tiger – Uprising
8 – You’re The Feeling (Exclusive HN Mix) – Heaven 7 vs Al Storm
9 – Pause – Pitbull
10 – ISHFWILF – Disturbed

Quick Thoughts

I won’t be going into much detail about this release till I have done it for a couple of weeks but it just keeps getting better and better. When I wrote about body combat 49 I wondered how they’d top the release?

It just keeps coming and coming. Lots of moves coming back in this release, capoeira, the sword and a new move.  The music is amazing, lots of hair raising synths to create that magic while lots of areas to have fun. Dan and Rach have done it again.

Watch this space will go into more detail about body combat 50 after clubs here in the UK have launched and I have taught it for a couple of weeks.

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