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Last week I wrote an article about Online storage/backup, alternatives to BT Vault.  The 1st provider I am going to check out is Diino.


As you can see from above Diino gives away 2gb of free space. The Signup process is very simple asking for the usual amount of information, username, email, password etc. I had problems with the verification image with IE 7 but seemed fine in FireFox, maybe I should fire an email to support or customer services. Once you’ve put in all your information and submitted then it’s the matter of waiting for an activation email, mines arrived in no time.

Once you’ve activated your account then it’s the matter of downloading the client.  Looking at the technical requirements would seem that only the following platforms are supported Windows 2000, XP, Vista. The client is only 3.2mb and came down quickly.

The install is very straight forward and consists of eight easy steps.

Install Screen 1   image

Running the application allows you to create jobs.

Diino Backup

Clicking new gives you the option to setup the jobs you want.


Very simple. Select the folders we want to back up by drag and drop or by browsing then setup the scheduling and away we go.

Diino also comes with a standard mail program, simple blog editor that allows you to post to your Diino page. Files can be shared and can also be downloaded via mobile phone.

With Diino you’re not capped to the amount you can download each month nor are you limited to a maximum file size you can backup.  For more backup space, 5gb starts at £2.75 a month.

  • Ease of use 8/10
  • Features 8/10
  • Performance 7/10

What’s stopping you, Signup, try the free 2gb space, put your mind at ease.

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