In  a previous post “Using your phones camera for photography” I decided to set myself a little challenge by trying to capture moments on my mobile phone with a hashtag : #MPPC. This was influenced by the book #iPhoneonly.  This month has seen quite a big change in the weather here in Fife, Scotland and well the sun has been quite a stranger.  I did manage to capture a beautiful sunrise over Edinburgh.  I took them while I was shooting with my Nikon.  I was tempted to do a little post processing on the photographs but that would be been cheating.  I may at a later stage put them through lightroom.  What you see below is straight from the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Oct’14 challenge can be seen :

Winter is upon us and this month I must admin I have slacked a bit due to moving home and settling in. I have been taking alot more this month so no excuses on Decembers post. Being the run up to Christmas lots of opportunities :).

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Did you take any interesting photographs on your mobile phone and willing to share?  Why not take part this month?

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