Oh my god Dan and Rach where do you get your ideas from? Body combat 50 is another fantastic release. It’s been several weeks of teaching body combat 50, participants and fellow instructors all agree that this milestone is just epic.

I experienced this release at the brave new world super quarterly in November and give some quick thoughts about it.  Near enough 2 months later and having taught it dozens of times I feel like I have a thorough grounding for the release.

body combat 50 launch DL

The poster calorie count shows an average of 737 calories burned within a 55 minute class. Over countless classes my Polar Watchreported that I burned an average of 998 calories per class.

Thoughts on tracks

  • Track 1a/1b – I really like the layering of the combinations in this warm up. Working with your stance through to unleashing the boxer in you that’s waiting to come out. Lower body kata is nice, feeling that stretch in all the right places. Nothing held back going from snap kick to push kick, perfect setup for this release.
  • Track 2 – Prepare for war, make sure your sword is sharp. Choreography throws you in many different directions working a lot of different muscle groups. The downward block, elbow then roundhouse is quite quick, check you’re setting your heel, protect the knee, open the hips…
  • Track 3 – Simple boxing combo that has room for lots of different levels. The track doesn’t need much encouragement to engage these levels with participants. Just remember, knuckles facing down, arms parallel to the floor, aim straight to the ribs. This power track will be staying on my mix list for a while.
  • Track 4 – A new move……. The advancing side kick as the man says, always step behind, kick low and land wide. I found timing on this track to be a little tricky first couple of times. Am finding I have to encourage participants to get lower when doing the blocks working the legs.
  • Track 5 – This follows on from Body Combat 49 track 5 with a big bang. If your shoulders aren’t screaming at you after this track then you’re not working hard enough. Classic tune with a nice boxing combo, is there a better way to mark the half way point?
  • Track 6 – Track choice is so appropriate for the choreography. “Been gone for so long”, capoeira and leg conditioning, squats, lunges, esquivas and Gingas. Track is a quad killer, a butt toner, a face shifter. Love it.
  • Track 7 – Elbows, knees, downward street brawl bunches, more knees. Track is constant, so easy to up a gear if you want to take that challenge. Toes down, heel to butt and pivot on the ball of your lead foot…. Give it everything…..
  • Track 8 – Final power track for shoulders and voice box. The breakdown of the combo should give great results to the shoulders if you’re giving 100%. Sink in and unleash that inner warrior.
  • Track 9 – The gut and shoulder blaster. I am loving the conditioning tracks lately, maybe something with Dan throwing in some CXWorx ideas.?!?!?!?!
  • Track 10 – Can you beat having a little sing along while cooling down? Love the kata. Nice ending to another fantastic release.

So that’s Body Combat 50. Am so excited that Body Combat 51 quarterly in March will be presented by the main man himself Dan Cohen. I can’t wait to meet him and experience the atmosphere around the whole day, he’s such an inspiration, it’s going to be through the roof.

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