This post has been sat in my drafts folder for a while now.  It leads on from my 1st blog post : Beginning Macro Photography when I bought myself a nice little macro lens.

I’ve not experimented as much as I’d like to but I have been practicing when I can.  The plan is to get out and about to capture some flowers in the wild. Am thinking the following book may come in handy as I expand my captures over the following months.

It’s a perfect time now as flowers bloom, plants explode into life which means alot of opportunity to home in on technique, composition and processing the raw files.

On to round number 2 of photographs. Again using the garden and a bouquet from the local supermarket results in some beautiful images. – On Flickr :

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While you’re here…

If  anyone can recommend any other books or even good blog posts please comment below. While you’re here why not check out my Facebook Page:

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