Website move from subtext to wordpress complete

Last week I announced I had decided to move my blog over to WordPress. I am fairly confident the site is working as should. If you should come across anything like a missing image or 404 please contact me. I will be keeping an eye on 404’s over the next couple of days to resolve any images/pages not showing just incase.

During the process of moving I discovered a couple of bugs in Subtexts blogML export:

  • Export uses the date it was saved to the database not the published date (permalinks nightmare).
  • Posts/Articles that were not live (draft) were published on import(not sure if this is subtext or wordpress).

It’s been a rather painless experience moving from subtext to wordpress and all it took was 2 hours, after fixing a couple of permalinks of posts. If anyone is interested I can write up a list of what I done and how I done it.

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