HAPPY MONDAY 🙂 With BodyAttack 100 coming round the corner why not dedicate number 10 to this achievement? How excited are you for BodyAttack 100?

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Welcome to my unofficial Les Mills Spotify playlist where you can find a number of tracks from any program from Les Mills. If you’re new to the world of Les Mills fitness or you’ve be around since day one we will uncover tracks you forgot existed.

I was hoping to kick off with a track from the 1st ever BodyAttack but I can’t find it anywhere.  I reached out to Les Mills to see if they could help and unfortunately not heard anything :(.

Shock to the system – Billy Idol – BodyAttack 3 – Track 8

Baby Baby – Corona – BodyAttack 10 – Track 6

Because You Loved Me – Suzanne Rye – BodyAttack 20 – Track 1

My Love Is Your Love – Whitney Houston – BodyAttack 30 – Track 5

Because The Night – Jan Wayne – BodyAttack 40 – Track 9

Get Down On It – Blue feat. Kool & The Gang – BodyAttack 50 – Track 9

Kiss Your Mama – Vanessa Amorosi – BodyAttack 60 – Track 5

Holiday – Dizzee Rascal – BodyAttack 70 – Track 11

Summer Of Love – Cascada – BodyAttack 80 – Track 6

Blank Space (Jack Malavo Mix) – Girls Only – BodyAttack 90 – Track 1

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* Images used in this post have been used with permission from Les Mills.

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