The track

All the way back to Les Mills BodyCombat 40. I’ve done a throw back before to Les Mills BodyCombat 40 track 3 now I bring you track  number 1 from this release :

This is going back 6 1/2 years ago and I remember some of the tracks as I was a participant like it was yesterday.  You can see the difference between a warm-up then and a warm-up now.  If it’s not that obvious why not check out : Evolution of Les Mills BodyCombat warmups?

Les Mills BodyCombat 40 track 1 music

Hot n ColdKaty Perry

Les Mills BodyCombat 40 track 1 choreography

Why this track?

I choose this track for several reasons:

  • I remember the masterclass on the video. Tanya Walker, one of the greats. Inspiring master trainer luckily enough to have her for my initial training and BodyCombat AIM 1. Shame they don’t make them like her any more…..
  • Slow progression through all boxing punches.
  • Hip rotations with a bit of movement thrown in.
  • I can’t remember when we had a stretch in the lower body warmup?
  • I really like Hot and Cold, sing-a-long.
  • Nice transitions through various kicks.

What do you think?

Have you taught/done this track and thought differently?  Please let us know your thoughts or If you have any tracks you’d like to share please comment, tweet me, or get in touch.  Thanks for reading Simon Philp.

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